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Reviews of Panacea Herb Products

Oh my Margo… that Gardenia Facial Moisturizer is amazing!! Thanks so much!!! ♥- Claire, Tofino, B.C.

LOVE your Lemon Lavender Facial Toner. Every time I used it someone invariably comments on my “healthy glow”.- Rilla Gibson, Gabriola, B.C.

Just wanted to tell you I finally am taking care of my face with your Primrose and Avocado Facial Moisturizer and I love it! It feels like nothing I have ever put on my face before. I love the smell also and I really appreciate your skill in formulating something that is so good and complete. Many thanks.

- Melanie, Gabriola B.C.

Hi there!! I use the Rose Hip and Fennel Facial Serum and love it. It’s weird how often strangers come up to me and comment on either my complexion or the amazing smell around me! This is true… I am regularly asked what I use on my face. I’m also using the avocado cream at night. My face is pretty sensitive to products and I dislike the feeling of anything heavy on my skin. These products are fantastic! - Sue Miller, Sechelt, B.C.

Rose here …I love your products – Andrea gave me the Rosehip & Fennel Serum for my birthday and I love it! Had only tried the Gardenia Moisturizer before that which I also love…thank you…- Rose, Sunshine Coast,  B.C

I am a person with very pale skin and blue eyes. I have skin cancer and just went through a PDT treatment. The treatment feels like a really extra bad sunburn, your skin is red, raw and hot. I was sore but got relief from the Panacea Rosehip Fennel Facial Serum. I would apply the serum and rub my face very gently and the skin would start to peel. I think the serum helped quicken my recover time. Thank you for this serum. I still use the serum nightly and my skin feels wonderful.

- Laura, London, ON

I can't believe what a difference the Seabuckthorn Cleanser and Moisturizer has made for my face. I use it every day to remove makeup; its invigorating and gentle oil leaves it feeling refreshed, clean and hydrated. LOVE it!

- Tobi Elliott, Gabriola, B.C.


Since getting addicted to Panacea’s Rose Water & Aloe Facial Spritzer, which was a part of our Christmas Giveaway, we have been trying more and more of their products, and really loving everything so far. We thought it best to share with you, our dear readers, why we are so obsessed!

Panacea Herbs is located on the beautifully pristine golf island of Gabriola. Its an organic, homegrown skin care company, and all of their herbs are sustainably harvested from the diverse local flora.

Panacea Herbs organic skin care line is free of parabens, sulphites, colorants, petroleum, pthalates and perfume oils. We have fallen in love with this beautiful skincare line and your skin will reap the tasty delicious benefits from their pristine ingredients to! 

Panacea Herbs is an amazing local company which never compromises on quality, and with affordable pricing!  Everything from the coconut lime lip balm, lavender lemon facial toner & primrose avocado facial moisturizer. Their products will leave your skin feeling as though you’ve taken a trip to the spa! The natural fragrance from the herbs brings a smile to my face.


I tried the face scrub you gave me, just 2 days ago for the first time and i did it again tonight. I went with honey mixed in both days bc of my blemishes. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! My skin looks glowing and way more radiant than before. This is a great product and i would like MORE PLEASE!  -Julie, Gabriola B.C

Best Healing Skin Salve you can get. The salve was the only product which helped to heal the delicate skin. And I tried several. Thank you. -Anika, Alberta

Everything she makes is amazing! I use the Seabuckthorn Cleanser on my face as a cleanser/moisturizer/makeup remover and it is wonderful. We also use the Psorasoothe Lotion for my daughter's eczema as it was the ONLY thing that works  -Carly McMahon, Royal Le Page Realty, Gabriola B.C

Proud to say that I've been using Margo's products for at least 6 years! The Healing Skin Salve, and Primrose Avocado Moisturizer are top notch!
Great home grown products.
Thank you Panacea!
 -Jet Curruthers, Gabriola B.C

You carry by far the best products ever! The fact alone that your products are chemical free and locally sourced makes me want to try out everyone of your beautiful lotions and oils. The subtle, fine scents of your oils and their smooth consistency is my favourite and I hope there will be many more of your products on the market.  -Aliette Seigel, Gabriola B.C

The Gardenia Nourishing Body OilI loooove this! I'm so happy that I indulged. The scent is heavenly. -Wendy, Gabriola B.C

Thank you thank you thank you! My sister and I ADORE your product. It has cleared acne that has troubled us our whole lives. I cannot thank you enough. ~Kelly Warawa,  Vancouver B.C

My midwife, Tamara Cowan, brought me a small jar of the Nursing Mothers Soothing Salve the day after my daughter was born (just this last Friday!) And I can't tell you what a relief it has been already. I love the all natural ingredients, the fact that it doesnt burn or sting (I've also been using it as a lip balm) and how quickly it absorbs without leaving a greasy residue. I am honestly pain free within minutes of putting this stuff on! Will definitely be ordering the bigger jar from you in the very near future. I just wanted to say thank you in the meantime for making such a naturally great product that I feel so good about using. -Sarah Heasman,  Nanaimo BC

Thank you so much for your time, effort, consistency and warming gestures you put forth in your products. Your commitment to making a great product has me content and pleased knowing I can access them. My teeth and gums really appreciate it!! I send all my blessings and gratitude to you and your family. Your teeth products are what I use and the psorasooth is for my lady. We both get great results from them and I credit you for putting them together in such a fantastic way. Thank you. -Derek, Victoria B.C

I love the quality of your products, especially enjoying the Gardenia facial moisturizer and the goats milk and lavender soap, lovely gentle scents and kind and nourishing for the skin. So appreciate your creations! Thank you. -Karen, Victoria B.C

I purchased several products from you in the recent past and I am simply amazed. These are the best moisturizers and balms I have ever had. Thank you for creating such beautiful products.-Anna, Whistler B.C

I purchased a jar of Psorasoothe lotion at the Gabriola Island farmers market and I love it!!! And want more. -Jane, Vancouver B.C

the Wild Rose and Frankincense Firming Facial Serum is my new favourite...buying some for stocking stuffers for my sibs. I had sunspot on my left cheek that was about the size of a quarter and after using serum for a couple of months looked in the mirror one morning and it was gone!! I was so shocked! I was telling everyone and telling them to check out your website. 

Everyone always comments on how nice my skin looks on my face... and I’m 57!

  -Louise Orieux, Vancouver B.C

I am so happy with the products I bought at lifestyles markets from your company.  The Frankincense and Rose Serum is divinely smelling and I can feel it softening my skin. I love the Seabuckthorn Cleanser and Moisturizer. It makes going to bed a ritual of pleasure and self-care. Misting with the Rose Aloe Vera Spritzer after my showers delivers me to the garden of my own being. 
I love the colours you have chosen for the packaging and value the glass bottles. Especially I feel peaceful knowing all the ingredients are organic, locally sourced as much as possible and grown and harvested with your love.
Thanks for your dedication to this fine art of face care creation. -Warmly, Ahava
I am writing because Dan, my partner, has had this awful, like never ending rash that moves around his body. He says it is like he has tiny shards of glass all over his body. He has had no help from doctors and has now been in the emergency room twice. He has finally been referred to a dermatologist and given some meds to try and knock it back. I went to Pomme yesterday and found your Psorasoothe cream and it has already made a huge difference. He has tried so many things. Anyway, he took it to work with him today. Just wanted to let you know how awesome your product is! -Sara   Nanaimo B.C
Such great soap! Scent lasts a long time and so does the soap!! -Andrea,  Bowmanville Ont.
All your products smell AMAZING! ~ Simone, Duncan B.C
I just wanted to contact you and rave with glee about how effective your psoriasis cream is!!!! Wow!!! I have suffered since I was little and tried many things including medical and alternative and diet and nothing has work as well. Thank you so very much!!! ~Coleen