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Panacea Daily producing organic skin / dental care on Gabriola Island

The Aroma Vacation

Gardenia Solid Perfume!!
*NEW* Gardenia Solid Perfume!! The sweet scent of a tropical paradise,  just in time for the cold weather to set in. Let your senses be lured into ...

This old bus

This old bus

When I first started making herbal products, in the mid '90's I lived in this old bus. I lived off the grid with a huge garden on a large beautiful acreage. I loved it. I was hardier back then so I could handle the cold winters and the hauling of water for dishes and baths. There just seemed to be more time to keep life simple. Panacea was developed out of a love of growing and harvesting nature's herbal bounty. I love how the earth provides its inhabitants with exactly what we need to stay healthy in body, mind and soul. The only thing she asks in return is that we humans stay healthy, as this is the only way we will survive but even if we don't, the earth will adapt and carry on with or without us.