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Rosehip & Fennel Facial Oil
Rosehip & Fennel Facial Oil
Rosehip & Fennel Facial Oil

Rosehip & Fennel Facial Oil

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"Moisturizing, Balancing and Toning"

This Rosehip and Fennel Facial oil, for hormonal to dry skin, contains a concentrated blend of nourishing, toning and moisturizing oils including organic Rosehip seed oil, renowned for helping reduce scars and wrinkles and Jojoba oil which is anti inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing to the skin. Primrose oil helps clear up acne and  balance hormonal problems. A special blend of high end organic essential oils help to promote healthy skin for dry and hormonal fluctuations.  Fennel is antiseptic and anti inflammatory. It promotes toning and renewing of the skin along with rosemary, lemon and neroli. Lavender essential oil calms irritation and burns aiding in the bodies natural cell regenerating system.  1oz/30ml

Made with organic ingredients:
simmandsia chinensis (organic jojoba oil), rosa mosqueta (rosehip oil), organic evening primrose oil, essential oils of daucus carota (carrot seed), foeniculum vulgare (fennel), buswellia thurifera (frankincense), lavendula officianlis (lavender), melaleuca viridiflora (neroli), citrus aurantifolia (lemon), rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary) and tocopherol (vitamin E oil). 


Hi there!! I use the Rose Hip and Fennel Facial Serum and love it. It’s weird how often strangers come up to me and comment on either my complexion or the amazing smell around me! This is true…I am regularly asked what I use on my face. I’m also using the avocado cream at night. My face is pretty sensitive to products and I dislike the feeling of anything heavy on my skin. These products are fantastic.

Sue  Sechelt, B.C


Rose here …I love your products – Andrea gave me the rosehip & fennel serum for my bday and I love it! Had only tried the gardenia moisterizer before that which I also love…thank you…

Rose    Sunshine Coast,  B.C



I am a person with very pale skin and blue eyes. I have skin cancer and just went through a PDT treatment. The treatment feels like a really extra bad sunburn, your skin is red, raw and hot. I was sore but got relief from the Panacea Rosehip Fennel Facial Serum. I would apply the serum and rub my face very gently and the skin would start to peel. I think the serum helped quicken my recover time. Thank you for this serum. I still use the serum nightly and my skin feels wonderful.

Laura  London, Ontario