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Psorasoothe Cream. For eczema and psoriasis and  deeply dry,  damaged skin.

Psorasoothe Cream. For eczema and psoriasis and deeply dry, damaged skin.

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A thick protective barrier cream that moisturized and nourished dry, chapped , cracked and irritated skin.  Formulated for eczema and psoriasis but works for any damaged skin layers. Made with our signature herbal healing combination with a bit of zinc nano for added protection. 2oz/ 60ml 


ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, *comfrey herb, **yarrow flowers, **chickweed leaves and flowers, **plantain leaves, *calendula flowers, *lavender flowers, distilled water, aloe vera gel, in house distilled lavender hydrosol, zinc nano, beeswax, vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract. 

*organically grown , **wildcrafted 

Medicinal herbs:

Comfrey- contains allantoin which helps boost the growth on new skin cells and rosmarinic acid which helps to relieve pain and inflammation.

Yarrow- is a styptic and anti inflammatory. It can stop bleeding on contact and relieve pain. 

Plantain- relieves pain from stings and stops itchy skin from allergic rashes. 

Chickweed- soothes inflammation and cools hot irritated skin and rashes. 

Calendula- anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory. Soothes skin abrasions and  rashes. Excellent for red irritated and sensitive skin.

Lavender- helps to reduce pain, inflammation and irritation. It is calming to the mind and nervous system.



I am writing because Dan, my partner, all of it sounds so weird at this age lol has had this awful, like never ending rash that moves around his body. He says it is like he has tiny shards of glass all over his body. He has had no help from doctors and has now been in the emergency room twice. He has finally been referred to a dermatologist and given some meds to try and knock it back. I went to Pomme yesterday and found your Psorasoothe cream and it has already made a huge difference. I was amazed at how fast it worked. He has tried so many things. Anyway, he took it to work with him today. Just wanted to let you know how awesome your product is!

Sara Reeves, Nanaimo B.C