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Dandelion Hardy Hand Cream: For dry, chapped hard working hands.

Dandelion Hardy Hand Cream: For dry, chapped hard working hands.

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Gardeners, nurses, potters and construction workers, REJOICE! This is a necessity for anyone with hardworking hands. Massage this into your dry, sore or cracked hands and cuticles and you’ll find relief. This Hardy Hand Cream is loaded with soothing lanolin, healing organic comfrey and organic dandelion flowers, Also works well for cracked feet and elbows and makes a wonderful massage cream for sore muscles.  20z/60ml

Made with organic ingredients: An infusion of organic dandelion flowers (taraxacum officinale) and organic comfrey root (symphytum officinale) in extra virgin olive oil (olea europa), lanolin (lanaoleum), rosewater (rosa damascena), tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia), eucalyptus (eucalyptus citriodora) and rosemary (rosmarius officinalis) essential oils, vitamin E (tocopherol), certified organic grapefruit seed extract (vitis vinifera)


I love!!! your dandelion hardy hand cream. Working with clay makes my hands the texture of sandpaper! Your cream works wonders. Not sure if it’s the eucalyptus, the rosemary or what, but the scent is wonderful. I swear, when I put it on my hands before bed, it relaxes me. Hmmm, I must go put some on right now!!!

Ruth, Gabriola, B.C

 I have just finished a jar of your Hardy Hand Cream received as a gift several years ago. When I finally got around to using it I discovered it to be the best I'd ever tried. I hope you can send me 2 by mail.

Thank you,

Gardon,  Lillowet B.C

Its wonderfully nourishing! ~ Simone, Duncan, BC