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Since getting addicted to Panacea’s Rose Water & Aloe Facial Spritzer, which was a part of our Christmas Giveaway, we have been trying more and more of their products, and really loving everything so far. We thought it best to share with you, our dear readers, why we are so obsessed!

Panacea Herbs is located on the beautifully pristine golf island of Gabriola. Its an organic, homegrown skin care company, and all of their herbs are sustainably harvested from the diverse local flora.

Panacea Herbs organic skin care line is free of parabens, sulphites, colorants, petroleum, pthalates and perfume oils. We have fallen in love with this beautiful skincare line and your skin will reap the tasty delicious benefits from their pristine ingredients to! 

Panacea Herbs is an amazing local company which never compromises on quality, and with affordable pricing!  Everything from the coconut lime lip balm, lavender lemon facial toner & primrose avocado facial moisturizer. Their products will leave your skin feeling as though you’ve taken a trip to the spa! The natural fragrance from the herbs brings a smile to my face.


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