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Healing Skin Salve
Healing Skin Salve
Healing Skin Salve

Healing Skin Salve

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The Healing Skin Salve is an amazing little healer and can be used on a variety of skin ailments including  bumps, bruises, itchy bites, burns, scarring, eczema, psoriasis, scrapes, diaper rash, owies and boo-boos. Made with organically grown herbs, extra virgin olive oil and local beeswax. Scent free and safe for  baby’s delicate skin!  2oz/60ml


organic calendula flowers (calendula officinalis), organic chickweed herb (stellaria media), organic comfrey root (symphytum officinale), organic comfrey leaf (symphytum officinale),organic plantain leaf (plantago lanceolata), organic yarrow flowers (achillea) infused in organic olive oil (olea europa), local beeswax (cera alba), grapefuit seed extract (vitis vinifera)



First, I have to tell you that I am the BIGGEST fan of your Healing Skin Salve.  We live in a neighborhood where there are several active kids and your healing salve has saved many a face, knee, elbow and hips from serious scarring.  3 years ago one of the more rambunctious boys in the neighborhood had a serious fall off his bike where his face was COMPLETELY covered with road rash.  I quickly hurried over to offer the healing salve to his mom.  She SWEARS that the salve saved him from  a lifetime of hideous scars on his face of all places.  I, myself have an extremely active 5 year-old daughter, so I go through the salve quickly.  I use it on cuts, bruises, rashes, pimples, burns, EVERYTHING and it always speeds healing and minimizes lasting marks.  So, it’s no surprise that several of my friends ask me to ‘pick them up a bottle’ next time I’m in Gabriola.  My mother has also become a huge fan.  Thanks! 

Pamela,  Sooke, BC


The Healing Skin Salve is the best for my scratched up arms after a day in the garden…I was going crazy with the itching from something that caused welts and scratches…thank you so much

Allana,  Gabriola, B.C


Healing Skin Salve is Magic!!!
As a family we have been using Panacea Herbs Healing Skin Salve for many years and it is now known in our house as magic cream. It certainly proved to be just that after our son was badly burned and faced a skin graft. We used the Healing Cream for several months prior to the proposed surgery and the plastic surgeon could not believe the results. He never did have surgery and continued to use cream instead, amazing his doctors by his recovery and how beautifully his skin had healed. He is left with a very faint scar and we truly believe if it weren't for using this amazing product, things would have looked quite different.

I have highly recommended it to many people, one of whom is my Dad. He had a very nasty ulcer on his leg and after many surgeries was left with an awful wound that would never heal. After trying so many products, he was skeptical it would offer him any relief but from the moment he started using this cream, his leg improved and it is now the only product he will use. We ship it to Florida for him. We also send it to the UK for family there.

This is an amazing product that you should never be without and it should be
renamed Magic Cream because that is exactly what it is!!

Sharon Hooton, Gabriola B.C


Best Healing Skin Salve you can get. The salve was the only product which helped to heal the delicate skin. And I tried several. Thank you!

Anika Gingrich