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Psorasoothe lotion : relief from eczema and psoriasis symptoms

Psorasoothe lotion : relief from eczema and psoriasis symptoms

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 Specifically formulated for psoriasis and eczema sufferers but can be used on any itchy, oozing and dry skin problems. A special combination of lavender, comfrey, chickweed, yarrow, plantain and calendula, help to ease and heal painful skin rashes.

No added scent.


ingredients: organic: extra virgin olive oil, distilled water,in house distilled lavender hydrosol, *calendula, **plantain, **yarrow, *comfrey, **chickweed and *lavender, emulsifying wax, glycerin, vitamin e and grapefruit seed extract.

*organically grown  **wildcrafted

Medicinal herbs:

Comfrey- contains allantoin which helps boost the growth on new skin cells and rosmarinic acid which helps to relieve pain and inflammation.

Yarrow- is a styptic and anti inflammatory. It can stop bleeding on contact and relieve pain. 

Plantain- relieves pain from stings and stops itchy skin from allergic rashes. 

Chickweed- soothes inflammation and cools hot irritated skin and rashes. 

Calendula- anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory. Soothes skin abrasions and  rashes. Excellent for red irritated and sensitive skin.

Lavender- helps to reduce pain, inflammation and irritation. It is calming to the mind and nervous system.


For as long as I can remember my Mom has had incredibly sensitive skin. When I was a kid I would buy her lotions and creams for birthdays and Mother’s Day and they would always end up in the garbage or at the back of a cupboard. I really wanted her to have an alternative to the expensive prescription creams, so this Christmas I bought her your psoriasis lotion. It’s February and she’s already asking for more! I’m totally amazed

Heather,  Gabriola, B.C

I need more. 

Stevie B, Gabriola, BC

I love this stuff!!

cedars folks, Gabriola, B.C