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The Power of Roses

Nootka Roses. The smell around here is intoxicating with the Nootka roses in bloom. Every morning I walk into the backyard and pick a bag of rose petals breathing in their rich, musty smell. The rose essence stimulates the heart chakra to open to the cosmic love and wisdom, allowing the heart to take the lead and the mind to fall behind, to rest. Rose is calming, balancing and soothing. At Panacea we use rose essential oil to help penetrate the layers of the skin, balancing moisture and rebuilding cell walls.  You can find rose in the Rose and Frankincense Facial Firming Serum, Rose Calendula body lotion, Lemon Lavender Facial Toner, Rose and Aloe facial spritzer, Rosehip and Fennel Facial Serum, Primrose and Avocado Facial Moisturizer and the Facial Grains.

"Allow your mind to be illumined with the yellow clarity of the Sun as you open your Solar Body to new inspiration. At the same time, open your heart to the stream of rose light now encircling your energy field. You are dearly blessed." Power of Flowers 

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