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Dandelion Wine Recipe

Have you ever tried Dandelion Wine? Such a beautiful, light wine and easy to make! A lovely way to get to know your friend Dandelion (taraxacum officinale).

This recipe comes from the book Healing Wise by Susun Weed. Ive made it a few times and love the results. 

Dandelion Wine Recipe

8 litre crock pot

3-5 litres dandelion blossoms

5 litres water

3 lbs sugar

1 organic orange

1 organic lemon

1 pkg of live yeast.

wholewheat bread toast


Put fresh blossoms in a ceramic, glass or plastic vessel. Boil water and pour over flowers. Cover crock with cheese cloth. Stir daily for three days. On fourth day strain blossoms from liquid. Cook liquid with sugar and rinds of citrus for 30-60 minutes. Return to crock and add citrus juice. When liquid has cooled to blood temperature, spread yeast over toast and float in crock. Cover and let work two days. Strain. Return liquid to crock for one more day to settle. Filter into sterilized bottles and cork lightly.  Don't drink until winter solstice. 





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