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Panacea's  Mighty little Travel Pack

Panacea's Mighty little Travel Pack

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Fly away with this handy little travel pack! Comes complete with the essentials for air, bus and car travel. An excellent addition in the gym bag as well. Small enough for carry on. Comes with deodorant, lip balm, Healing Skin Salve, Lavender Facial Toner and soap. 

Our signature deodorant is natural, organic and it works! Choose between our three scents, Lavender, Lemongrass or Peppermint or we can choose for you. 

Healing Skin Salve is a must on any camping trip, world travel or at home too. Its mighty on bug bites, burns, bruises, swimmer itch, chapped lips, hang nail, sores and just about everything else skin related. 

Lavender Facial Toner will give you that during and after flight pick me up, excellent after sun care. It even gently clears the sinuses! Very refreshing.

Lip balm. Choose between any of our 5 flavours or leave it up to us and we'll choose for you!